Experience Aboriginal Australia

Aboriginal culture and its intricate links with the Australian landscape has become a growing fascination to a global audience.

Australia’s original inhabitants occupy a unique place where a rich heritage of traditional knowledge, practice and belief underpin a dynamic contemporary society. For most people this is superficially presented through stereotypical images of the painted dancers, silhouetted noble hunters and laughing children, usually from northern Australia. Increasingly people want to go beyond this veneer of mainstream travel to seek a greater contact and understanding of what Australian Aboriginal culture is truly about. Those looking to experience Aboriginal culture and meet the people often find this a difficult and frustrating task. Aboriginal involvement in tourism is in its infancy and there are only a small number of Aboriginal travel operations scattered throughout Australia. Few of these are in mainstream tourism and most are specialised niche market offerings that often find it difficult to connect to the interested traveller. At Diverse Travel Australia we show you the path.

Group Travel

Aboriginal Australia Group Travel

Diverse Travel Australia can arrange innovative travel options for group travel or meetings. For those corporations that provide incentive programs, Diverse Travel Australia can suggest an innovative travel alternative that will leave a lasting impression and a truly memorable encounter with Aboriginal Australia

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Festival and Events

Aboriginal Australia Extended Tours

At regular intervals we offer a selection of extended itineraries that provide greater opportunities to experience a very special journey that follows specific aspects of Aboriginal culture. These itineraries may focus on Aboriginal art, land and culture and can combine any features of Aboriginal culture.

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How We Operate

Aboriginal Australia How We Operate

We offer various options for travel to either individuals or small groups and cater for day trips as well as extended tours. You can select any travel experience from the diverse range of itineraries available from our website or, for those travellers seeking a combination of experiences…

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