Aboriginal Benefits Foundation

The Foundation has been established by a group of concerned individuals involved in Indigenous art & culture to create a Foundation with the objective of benefiting the well being of Aboriginal Australians.

To assist in this aim the Foundation accepts moneys as direct donations, as proceeds in full or in part from the sale of art works, as gifts in kind, and as bequests and in various other ways.


The main objectives of the Foundation are to promote, provide or carry out activities, facilities or projects for the benefit of welfare of Aboriginal communities in Australia and members of those communities in particular by reason of age youth, infirmity or disability, poverty or social or economic circumstances.


The Foundation is a registered incorporated company limited by guarantee managed by a Board of Directors. The Foundation’s Board considers applications for funds. The founding Board members are
Robert Edwards AO (Chair)
Adrian Newstead (Treasurer)
Jennifer Isaacs AM (Secretary)
Dawn Casey, Director, Western Australian Museum
Margo Neale, Senior Curator National Museum of Australia

Responsibility of the Board

To raise funds, identify projects consistent with the aims of the organisation, consider requests for financial assistance and manage the affairs of the Foundation with due diligence including the auditing of accounts at regular intervals.

Projects Considered for Support

In view of the limited resources available to the Foundation in its establishment phase, priority funding will be given to the following categories:

  • Seeding grants to research the relevance and value of new projects that may be ineligible for support from existing government agencies.
  • Seeding funds to enable model schemes of potential benefit to Aboriginal health, welfare and education.

One off grants in support of:

  • Health and well being of artists and their families
  • Education through art projects which will benefit health and well being
  • Individuals & communities to meet special needs

Level of Grants Provided

The Foundation will fund projects from $500 to a limit of $5,000.

Deductibility of Donations

Donations and gifts to the Aboriginal Benefits Foundation Donations Fund are eligible for tax deductibility under the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

Time Frame for Applications

Grants will be allocated twice a year. In special circumstances the Board may allocate funds outside these guidelines.