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Length of Tour: 1/2 day to 5 days

Tour Dates: On demand

Departure Months: Year Round

Community: Adjahdura Land Yorke Peninsula


Highlights Include:

Bookyanna – half day tour
Explore the Point Pearce Aboriginal Community

Bookyanna & Butheras Dreaming – 1 day tour
Talk to the Aboriginal elders about their experiences and explore the Point Pearce Aboriginal community and lands.

Bookyanna, Butheras and Winda the Owl Dreaming – 2 day tour
Explore ancient Aboriginal Cultural landscapes and the associated Dreaming stories.

Bookyanna, Butheras, Winda and Gadle Dreaming – 3 days
Visit ancient sites and quarries, experience cultural ceremonies and much more.

Bookyanna, Butheras, Winda, Gadli and Innes Dreaming – 5 days
Tis complete tour includes an insight into Innes National Park. Discover mythological land formations and experience cultural ceremonies, Dreaming stories and much more.


Aboriginal Cultural Tours will take you to rarely seen areas of Adjahdura Land (Yorke Peninsula). This is an opportunity to walk the country with direct descendants of the traditional owners, to live with, talk with and experience first hand their rich culture.