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Length of Tour: 1.5 hours

Tour Dates: Daily Departures at 11:00am; evening tour departs 8.30 pm

Departure Months: Year round

Entry to the park is free.
Tour costs Day tour: AUD$23.00 per person; Evening tour AUD$29.00 per person

Pickup Point: Tower Hill on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road


Highlights Include:

Indigenous tour program’s can include:

  • bush food
  • bush medicine
  • managing wildlife


Tour 1: Bush and Wildlife Interpretations (day tour) Aboriginal guided interpretive walks telling visitors about the ongoing links Aboriginal people have with the environment. Visitors learn about the land formations of Tower Hill, wildlife, plant species, bush food and medicinal uses.

Tour 2: Volcano Wildlife Walk (evening) Interpretive walks conducted by expereinced guides with specific knowledge about Tower Hill’s history, geology, fauna and flora. Visitors are provided with detailed knowledge of park management issues including koalas, kangaroos, emus, sugar life and the significance of natural habitat for hundreds of native species.

Nestled in the crater of a dormant volcano, the Tower Hill Reserve, in south-west Victoria, Australia, is a haven for wildlife, a fascinating ecological site and a showcase for local Indigenous culture. Within its broad crater rim a number of volcanic cones rise from a lake in a formation known as a nested maar. Artefacts found in the layers of exposed ash show that Aboriginal people were living in the area at the time of the eruption, around 30 000 years ago.

Although Tower Hill was declared Victoria?s first National Park in 1892, the bush was eventually lost to farming and quarrying. A revegetation project began in the 1950s. Over several decades school children and other volunteer groups planted thousands of trees. As the bush returned, so did the wildlife.

Today, Worn Gundidj Co-operative, in co-operation with Parks Victoria, has revitalised Tower Hill. It is now a thriving nature reserve and natural history centre where visitors can experience the bush, enjoy magnificent scenery, see Australian birds and animals in their natural habitat and learn about local Indigenous culture.

Worn Gundidj Co-operative conducts on-site cross-cultural programs that cater for individuals and groups. Specialist programs and tours can also be arranged for educational and corporate groups.


At Tower Hill?s Visitor Centre you can learn about the history of this fascinating volcano. Browse through the retail shop. See the exciting range of screen-printed textiles and wooden artefacts made locally at the Worn Gundidj Cooperative or choose from the selection of gourmet delights featuring indigenous Australian foods.